Baking is just more than a subject, it is something which makes us connect to a lot of things and can be really fun and a perfect stress buster. If you want to pursue baking as a passion or take up as a career you are in the right place. 

Frangipani offers loads of baking courses in chennai which are fully hands on where you learn with a practical approach. The following are the courses which we offer. You can check out our upcoming courses and book your desired course or call

Piyus 9962048088 for more details. 

The following courses are- 

Basics of Baking 

About the course ?

Baking is a great skill to learn during the summer as who doesn’t like freshly baked goodies at home.

This Course is about understanding Baking with a logical & practical approach. We will be covering Four Modules of Baking in this camp which would be a very good start for the students in the world of Baking. The Four Modules  are

I)   Petite Tea Cakes & Cupcakes with Piping

II)  Bread Making with Dips

III)  Cookies & Biscuits

What will they be learning in the course?

We will covering the Four modules as briefed above.

The dishes covered in this course are-


  1. A) Almond Jagerry whole wheat cake
  2. B) Chocolate brownie with fudge sauce
  3. C) Fresh Mango Cake with Coconut Buttercream Icing
  4. D) Chocolate Strawberry Cake with Milk Chocolate Ganache 

(Piping- Drop Flower, Swirl & Lying down Rose)


  1. A) Sundried Tomatoes & Olives Focaccia
  2. B) Pesto Babka 
  3. C) Whole wheat Margarita Pizza 


  1. A) Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie
  2. B) Whole wheat Chocolate Chip cookie 
  3. C) Pista & Cranberry ShortBread  
  4. D) Brookie  

What is special about this course ?

The course is a fully hands on course where we teach students to use basic techniques and ingredients by which baking can be more fun and creative at the same time. This course will make the student learn different techniques which can be used in our everyday life for example measuring ingredients, kneading Piping and following the Recipes.  

We will make sure that all the young chefs have understood the concept and get comfortable in making the baked goodies in their own kitchen.  

Eggless Cake Baking & Icing with Piping and Decoration

About the Course ?

Learn the recipes involved in baking a basic eggless cake sponge also learn the techniques to cut, layer, fill, ice and decorate your cakes with classic & modern icing techniques. After this two day course you will be able to make a fully iced decorated cake with piping and glazing. 

What will you be learning? 

The following is the menu for the cake baking and icing course 


Blueberry Almond cake 

Vanilla sponge 

Blueberry confit

Almond praline 

Fresh cream icing 

 Fresh Mango coconut cake 

Mango sponge 

Coconut whipped ganache 

Caramelised pineapples 

Fresh cream icing 



How to make basic sponge

Practise time towards icing and pipping  

Cutting cake, layering and filling a cake

learn how to ice a cake with basic piping (swirl, drop flower, shells)

Basic decoration 

Learn how to make variety of iced cakes with these techniques 

 DAY 2

Chocolate caramel cake 

Chocolate sponge 

Caramel ganache 

Chocolate icing 

Cocoa glaze 


Chocolate Raspberry cake 

Chocolate sponge 

Raspberry confit 

Chocolate ganache 

Raspberry glaze


Icing with chocolate ganache

Practise time towards icing will be given 


What is special about this course?

You will be getting a full hands on experience with your own work stations and practice plays a vital role in this course which you wil be given. The course will also cover various techniques which can be used for layering, icing and decoration.    

Fees - Rs. 5500


Eggless Cookies & Biscuits

Learn the recipes and techniques involved in baking eggless cookies, you will learn cookies of different textures. The class will cover a basic cookie recipe, cookie with whole wheat flour,  a combination of a  cookie and brownie, A cookie with a filling, a fruit based cookie and a biscuit recipe (Short bread).


Whole wheat chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate cookie filled with almond praline and topped with caramel ganache and Pear compote

Brookies with Raspberry marshmallow

Strawberry Walnut and white chocolate chip cookie

Pista & Apricot Biscuit

Fees - Rs. 3500


Eggless Travel Cakes, Gluten Free & Vegan Cakes

 About the course ?

Since 10 years there has been a drastic change in cake recipes especially eggless. Like our smart phones and desktops even cake recipes have upgraded.

The Modern Cake recipes have become much more cleaner and yummy to the palate but the classic recipes are much more simpler and still taste YUM!!

In this course we will be covering all the keys recipes which you would need to start your baking journey either for passion or profession. 

 What will you learn ?



Apple jaggery cake topped with a buttery caramel sauce and toasted walnuts- a jaggery cake made with whole wheat flour

Coffee cake topped with semi sweet ganache


 Almond cake

Blackberry  Muffin with lemon glaze  


Ferraro Rocher Cake 

Flourless Chocolate cake 

 What is special about this course ?

Every recipe which we cover in this course will help you understand more in detail about the different textures you would get by using different flours, fats and sugars.

We would be sharing egg recipes as well with you and explain to you how to use them.

The course is a fully hands on course.  

Fees - Rs. 3500