About Us

Frangipani Culinary Expressions was started by a Mother & Son Duo. The main vision of our institute is to show students how easy and fun it is too learn cooking and baking in a hand on practical environment. We want every student to develop and experience a food journey with us. Our Institute offers various Short term and long term courses.

Rajshree Arya & Piyus Arya are the founders and teachers of this institute.
Rajshree Arya had started her food journey by catering in 1997 to 2002. She wanted to teach and had started teaching cooking in a small way at her residence from 2007. She has been teaching cooking which covers various cuisines and wants cooking to be fun especially for those who are really new at this.  Rajshree loves working on recipes in her spare time and loves to read and travel.
Piyus Arya has been passionate about food and he used to see his mother cook, he got quite interested in it and went to Delhi worked in a bakery and learnt the art of baking and chocolates and joined his mom in the year 2012 and as a passion they started frangipani together.  They opened their Teaching studio in the year 2014. Piyus teaches baking and chocolate making. He mainly likes to focus on teaching the techniques involved in baking and chocolate which will be understood by the students so they can do wonders with the acquired knowledge and skills. Piyus also teaches guitar in his past time to students who are 10 yrs and above.