Lebanese Cooking - 22nd June 2022

Lebanese Cooking - 22nd June 2022

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Date- 22nd June 2022 (Wednesday) 

Time - 11am - 2pm

About the course?

Lebanese food is eaten  mainly in Lebanon. The interesting fact about Lebanese food is some of the dishes are common in the Middle East region and there are various variation which are seen around the region. it is the same concept as South Indian food being changed with region, for example Karnataka sambar being a bit sweet. 

Learn with us the recipes of the Lebanese Cuisine where we will be covering Mezze Platter and we will  be showing you the serving of the platter as it is done in Lebanese culture ands also around the region. 

What will you be learning?

The dishes we will be covering are-


  1. Traditional Hummus
  2. Tabbouleh
  3. Baba Ganoush
  4. Muhamara (Red Capsicum & Walnut dip )
  5. Falafel
  6. Tzatziki
  7. Harissa
  8. Pita Bread and Traditional Lavash Made from scratch
  9. Zataar & Bharat Powder 
  10. Fruit tea 

What is special about the course?

We will be understanding these variations in Lebanese food seen around the region. Even the serving style various among region. For example in Israel they make a different humus which is served with a tahini based salad which taste so fresh and is easy to make. After teaching we will all sit down and will be learning to serve and mainly eat and enjoy the culture of Lebanese food. 

Where will the class location ?


How do I reach to the location ?

Google frangipani expressions for the exact location.