Ladakh Cooking Travel Edition 10th December 2022

Ladakh Cooking Travel Edition 10th December 2022

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Date- 10th December 2022

Timing- 11am to 2pm 

About the Course?

Ladakh food is very simple, healthy and very light on the pallet. We will be covering a Starter, Soup, Tea & Main Course. The dishes were learnt from the locals of Ladakh to bring a fun learning experience to the students. You will even be learning the beautiful culture of the people from where the food was initially originated. 


What will your be learning?

The Menu is a Four Course menu-

1) MokMok (Ladakhi Momo)

2) Pakhtuk (Ladakh traditional soup)                                                                                    

3) Tented (Buckwheat Pancakes with Roasted Walnut Chutney)

4) Khambir Pocket Sandwich (Traditional Leh Bread with Stuffing)

5) Chutaki (Bow shaped pasta cooked with veggies)

6) Shahi Kahwa ( Traditional Tea)


What is special about the course?

Our Teacher had travelled to Ladakh this year and not only he has some fun stories and experience to tell you about the place which would help you while you plan your travel but also the food you learn will be from the local chefs of Ladakh 

Where is the class located ?

Google- Frangipani Expression