Vegan Korean Cooking - 7th December 2022

Vegan Korean Cooking - 7th December 2022

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Date- 7th December 2022

Timings- 10am to 1pm 

About the course ? 

A class where we transport you to the tables of South Korea. A first hand experience in cooking and indulging in the Korean cuisine together. We would be teaching you these dishes and then we will come together as a community and enjoy the food.

What will you be learning ?

you will be learning a four course menu. The following dishes you will learn are as follows-


1. Sabo noodles with quick pickled mushroom salad 

2. Tteokbokki with Korean spring rolls

3. Bibimbap

4. Hotteok with a savoury and sweet filling


what is special about this course ?

You will be learning how to make all the Korean dishes with their respective ingredients which is available in Chennai. Korean food is much more than making good food but also enjoying it as a community or family and talking about things while eating is the whole essence of Korean cooking.

We will be learning how to serve the food and sit back and enjoy the lunch after the class and enjoy and learn more about Korean culture together.  


Where is the location ?

RA Puram in Boat Club Road 

Please google Frangipani Expressions for the exact location 

If you have any more query please call contact us