International Cooking Course- 19th April to 22nd April 2023

International Cooking Course- 19th April to 22nd April 2023

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Date- 19th April to 22nd April 2023 

Time- 11am to 2pm 

About the course ?

A International course where we will be covering Five cuisines from basic ingredients, species & Techniques which you will find in respective cuisines. The five Cuisines covered are- 

A. Italian 

B. Chinese 

C. Mexican 

D. Thai

E. Korean  

What will you be learning? 

Day 1- Italian cooking 

  1. Deconstructed Bruschetta salad 
  2. Almond Soup 
  3. Italian breads- Grape & Olive Focaccia & Pesto Garlic bread 
  4. Lasagna 
  5. Aglio e olio & Arrabbiata pasta
  6. Sauces- Roasted Tomato Sauce, Pesto sauce & White Sauce 
  7. Tiramisu 

Day 2- Chinese Cooking 

  1. Steamed Chinese buns with cheesy Peas filling 
  2. Crunchy Chinese Salad 
  3. Xian noodles 
  4. Maps Tofu
  5. Hibachi Fried Rice 
  6. Stir Fried Vegetable in almond sauce

Day 3- Mexican cooking 

  1. Home made Nachos with cheese sauce 
  2. Home made Soft Tacos with Mexican Kebab & Corn and cottage Cheese Filling 
  3. Mexican rice with Ranchero sauce topped with Cottage Cheese Patties
  4. Enchiladas
  5. Dips- Pica de Galo, Mango salsa, Guacamole & Sour Cream   
  6. Churros with Chocolate sauce 

 Day 4- Pan Asian Cooking (Thai & Korean Cooking)

  1. Som Tom Salad
  2. PadThai Spring Roll  
  3. Bibimbap 
  4. Penang curry with lotus stem and sticky rice 
  5. Massaman Curry with Rice Noddles 
  6. Hottek with chocolate Ganache 

Where is the class located?

Ra Puram, Google- Frangipani Expression for exact location 

What will be the process after Registration ?

You would need not bring anything to the class everything will be provided, A detailed address and directions will be sent to your registered mobile number a day before the event. Please call 9962048088 for any further assistance.