Eggless Cake Baking and Icing 6th & 7th June 2023

Eggless Cake Baking and Icing 6th & 7th June 2023

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Date- 6th & 7th June 2023

Time : 10 am - 2pm with lunch 

About the Course ?

Learn the recipes involved in baking a basic eggless cake sponge also learn the techniques to cut, layer, fill, ice and decorate your cakes with classic & modern icing techniques. After this two day course you will be able to make a fully iced decorated cake with piping and glazing. 


What will you be learning? 

The following is the menu for the cake baking and icing course 


Mango Coconut and Basil Petite Cake 

A. Vanilla Sponge 

B. Mango Confit 

C. Caramalized Pineapple 

D. Coconut Whipped Cream Ganache 

Blueberry Almond Praline Gateaux 

A. Vanilla sponge 

B. Blueberry confit 

C. Almond praline 

D. Fresh cream icing 


1) How to make basic sponge

2) Practise time towards icing and pipping  

3) Cutting cake, layering and filling a cake

4) learn how to ice a cake with basic piping (swirl, drop flower, shells)

5) Basic decoration 

6) Learn how to make variety of iced cakes with these techniques 



Chocolate Brownie with Fudge Sauce 

Chocolate Caramel Coffee cake 

A) Chocolate sponge 

B) Caramel Sauce 

C) Milk Chocolate Coffee Ganache 

D) Dark Chocolate Ganache 

E) Chocolate Glaze


1) Icing with chocolate ganache 

2) Practise time towards icing will be given 

3) Glazing

What is special about this course?

You will be getting a full hands on experience with your own work stations and practise plays a vital role in this course which you wil be given. The course will also cover various techniques which can be used for layering, icing and decoration. After this course you will be able to make birthday cakes at home which is a fully iced cakes or a cake with glazing.  


Where is this located ?

 RA Pura, Google- Frangipani Expressions


How to register ?

You can register via the website via the buy it now option or add to cart after registration you will be receiving a confirmation message with the address and location of the venue in two working days, you can contact 9962048088 for any further queries or assistance.


What would you have to bring for the class?

You will be provided with all ingredients and materials needed for the course.

A recipe print out will be provided to you with pens