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Celebration Cake on 2nd & 3rd March 2024

Celebration Cake on 2nd & 3rd March 2024

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Date-2nd & 3rd Feb 2024 (Saturday & Sunday)

Time : 10 am - 2pm with lunch 

Discover the secrets to creating a delicious cake sponge and perfecting advanced icing techniques in this comprehensive course. By the end, you'll have the skills to beautifully decorate any cake with intricate piping and glazing.

What will you be learning? 

Join us for our cake baking and icing course and unlock the secrets to creating delectable cakes with our expert guidance!

Day 1

Strawberry Cream and Basil Petite Cake with vanilla sponge, mango confit, caramalized pineapple, and a coconut whipped cream ganache.
Plus, indulge in our

Blueberry Almond Praline Gateaux with vanilla sponge, blueberry confit, almond praline, and fresh cream icing.

Don't miss out on essential techniques like making a basic sponge, mastering the art of icing and piping, cutting, layering, filling, and even decorating your cakes with different styles like swirls, drop flowers, shells, and more. Discover the infinite possibilities of iced cakes with us!


Taste the tantalizing Chocolate Caramel Coffee cake with a chocolate sponge, divine caramel sauce, creamy milk chocolate coffee ganache, decadent dark chocolate ganache, and a smooth chocolate glaze.
And don't miss out on the indulgent red velvet cupcake topped with irresistible cream cheese frosting.


1) Frosting with chocolate ganache 

2) Dedicated practice time for frosting will be provided 

3) Glazing Technique

What is unique about this class?

This course offers a full hands-on experience with your own work stations and emphasizes the importance of practice. It also covers a variety of techniques for layering, icing, and decorating. By the end of the course, you will be able to create beautifully iced birthday cakes at home.


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