Burgers around the world 17th Feb 2023 (Friday)

Burgers around the world 17th Feb 2023 (Friday)

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Date- 17th Feb 2023 (Friday) 

Timing- 11am to 2pm 


About the Course ?

We will be teaching burgers around the world. Burgers are so easy to make and assemble and various cuisines can be showcased in burger form. 

What will you be learning?

   The following Burgers are 

1) Mushroom Burger Patty with bell pepper Jam  

    An American mushroom burger with cheese & bbq sauce with bell pepper jam 

2) Spiced Chickpea patty with pickled onions

     A Mediterranean spiced patty with Muhammara (Red Capsicum Walnut Dip)

3) Mexican Cottage cheese Spring Onion Burger 

     A homemade Cottagecheese patty with Mexican spices with Salsa &SourCream 

4) Tempura Avocado & Tofu Burger with Teriyaki Glaze & Sesame Mayo 

     A Pan Asian inspired burger with a fusion twist in it

Where is the class location ?

Google- Frangipani Expression for the exact location 

What should I do after registering ?

You will be getting a message from us to your registered mobile number with the address and direction of the venue. You need not bring any thing to the class everything will be provided. Please do call or message 9962048088 for any queries.