Buddha Bowl (One Bowl Meal) 26th October 2022

Buddha Bowl (One Bowl Meal) 26th October 2022

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Date-26th October 2022 (Wednesday)

Timing- 10am to 1pm

About the Course?

A Buddha Bowl or one bowl meal means you have all the courses in a bowl. The basic idea of a buddha bowl is to have a healthy and quick meal. These one bowl meals can be served in parties as well by changing the techniques of cooking for the protein, salad and carbs. 

What will you be learning in the course ?

We will be covering these bowls  

1. Quinoa Mexican Buddha Bowl (Mexican)

2. Moroccan Lentils Bowl (Moroccan)

3. Burmese Buddha Bowl (Burmese)

4. Zen Noodle Bowl (Japanese)

We will be sharing more variations in the class so that you can make more of the buddha bowl at home. 


What is special about the course?

Buddha Bowls are known to be very nutrient and healthy it helps to give the right amount of carbs, Protein and makes you eat lots of salad. With these buddha bowl you can stay in shape and still eat tasty food. 


 RA Puram 

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