Chocolates Making for Diwali - 6th & 7th October 2022 (Thursday & Friday)

Chocolates Making for Diwali - 6th & 7th October 2022 (Thursday & Friday)

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Date-6th & 7th October 2022 (Thursday & Friday)

Time- 10am to 1pm with lunch 

About the course ?

Learn the techniques and recipes to work with compound and couverture chocolate to make truffles. This course will make you understand the difference between compound and couverture.

 What will you be learning ?

Techniques covered are as follows- 

  1. Learn to work with couverture and compound
  2. Tempering with seeding and tabulature method
  3. Making of Soft filing chocolates 
  4. Making of truffles
  5. Cold & hot infusion
  6. Understanding flavour combination


1) Blueberry cheesecake 

2) Milk Chocolate Coffee Ganache

3) Fresh Mango/Strawberry ganache 

4) Salted Caramel with Almond Praline 

5) Dark chocolate Caramel & Brown Butter Ganache


1) Dark Chocolate and mint truffles

2) Caramel Chocolate & Cashew praline truffle

3) White chocolate, mango and coconut truffle

4) Candied orange & Almond Crunch truffles

What is special about this course?

We will be practically covering all the techniques which would be covered in this course. We will be covering all the techniques mentioned above one by one. It is a fully practical course were the students get a structural practical knowledge and a basic understanding .  

Where will the class location ?


How do I reach to the location ?

Google frangipani expressions for the exact location.