Speciality Courses

Curries of Thailand

Learn the most flavourful curries from Thailand. We would be covering these curries with their preferred accompaniment. These curries are very close to our South Indian origin. 


  1. Masaman Curry
  2. Penang Curry
  3. Yellow Thai curry


  1. Home made rice noodles
  2. Soba Noodles
  3. Sticky Rice

Fees - Rs. 2500


Lebanese Cooking

Learn with us the recipes of the Lebanese Cuisine where we will be covering Mezze Platter and we will  be showing you the serving of the platter as it is done in Lebanese culture.

Mezze Platter

  1. Basil & sun-dried Tomato Hummus
  2. Tabbouleh
  3. Baba Ganoush
  4. Muhamara (Red Capsicum & Walnut dip )
  5. Falafel
  6. Tzatziki
  7. Harissa
  8. Pita Bread and Traditional Lavash Made with scratch

Format- Hand on course with a traditional Lebanese Lunch served after the class.

Fees - Rs. 2500

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Veg Sushi Roll Course

Sushi making is a new and interesting concept in India which has made Japanese cuisine even more popular. Sushi is actually vinegar'd rice rolled with your vegetable or meat with the help of nori sheets or without nori sheets.  The sushi we make is more Indianised t and is pure vegetarian. Every one gets to roll there own sushi.

What will you be learning?

You will be learning a Korean soup and the following varieties of sushi. 

Korean Soup

  1. Sundubu Jjigae (Korean Spicy Soft tofu Stew)
  2. Pickled Tempura Veggie 

Sushi Menu

  1. Pickled Vegetable Temaki
  2. Avocado Cream Cheese Tempura Maki
  3. Pesto Grilled Zucchini California Roll
  4. Spicy Tofu California Roll

Rolling Techniques 

  1. MAKI (Nori sheets outside)
  2. California Roll (Nori Sheet inside)
  3. Temaki
  4. Without Nori sheets

What is special about this course?

You will learning the basics of sushi  amid four rolling techniques with yummy vegetarian combination. It will be fully hands on course every one will be rolling their own sushi  to be sure off the technique.

Fees - Rs. 2500                                                                                                                    

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Italian Pasta & Pizza Making

About the Course

You will be learning how to make Pasta and pizza from scratch. The techniques covered are the dough to made with both options available egg & eggless. We will be even covering store bought pizza and pasta this is for emergency. As pizza and pasta takes time to make. 

What will you be learning?

You will be covering Pizza, Pasta and salads. 


We will covering the following- 

The base which is wheat and maida.

The types of crust which we will covered are

  1. Thin Crust
  2. Classic Crust
  3. Chicago deep dish pizza


We will be learning how to make the dough from scratch, Both the recipes with egg and eggless will be covered. The various pasta covered are- 

  1. Fettuccine
  2. Ravioli
  3. Tortellini
  4. Linguine


  1. Italian sauce (Version 1 & 2)
  2. Pesto sauce
  3. White sauce. 


Roasted Potatoes, Grilled veggies (Zucchini,Squash, mushrooms etc), Basil oil, garlic oil and Oven dried tomatoes. 

We will be covering the combination of cheese, nutes and fruit which will go as pizza toppings 


  1.  Pink Grapefruit and Sumac Salad
  2. Beet root, Avocado & Pea Salad 

 What is special about this course ?

We will be covering the basics of pasta and pizza, it is going to be fully hands on course where every student will be practising making the dough and will be working on their own pasta and pizza.

Fees - Rs. 3000


Vegan Korean Cooking

About the course? 

A class where we transport you to the tables of South Korea. A first hand experience in cooking and indulging in the Korean cuisine together. We would be teaching you these dishes and then we will come together as a community and enjoy the food.

What will you be learning ?

You will be learning a four course menu. The following dishes you will learn are as follows-


  1. Sabo noodles with quick pickled mushroom salad
  2. Tteokbokki with Korean spring rolls
  3. Bibimbap
  4. Hotteok with a savoury and sweet filling

What is special about this course ?

You will be learning how to make all the Korean dishes with their respective ingredients which is available in Chennai. Korean food is much more than making good food but also enjoying it as a community or family and talking about things while eating is the whole essence of Korean cooking.

We will be learning how to serve the food and sit back and enjoy the lunch after the class and enjoy and learn more about Korean culture together.  

Fees - Rs. 2500