Breads making with Dips (Eggless)

About the Course ?

Learn the recipes and techniques involved in baking eggless breads at home with yeast. Making breads is a simple process we don’t expect you to use a bread maker or use any machine to make fresh breads. You can use your hands and the kneading process is brought down a lot with the techniques which we would be covering without compromising on the texture of the bread.

 What will you be learning in this course ?

We would be making breads with All Purpose Flour (Maida), Whole Wheat Flour and Gluten-free bread as well. Just learning breads is quite old school. we will be covering how to serve these breads as well with their dips.

  1.  Tomato and black olives focaccia with sour cream and a tomato paste- we will be serving this as a sandwich to you with freshly grilled vegetable and marinated peppers
  2. Bagels served with cream cheese and Korean style pickled vegetable
  3. Whole wheat Margherita Pizza
  4. Basil pesto babka- a savory babka filled with pesto, cheese and sundried tomato
  5. Gluten-free bread Loaf
  6. Multigrain Loaf 

What would be special about this course ?

Serving the breads the right way is important we will teaching how to serve the bread and we would be relishing all the breads at the end of the class either by making a  sandwich or a hot pizza or bagels with cream cheese.   

It would be a fully hands on course with your own work station- you will be making your own dough from scratch and then forming them into breads and taking them home to serve them to your family and friends.

Fees - Rs. 3500